In the real world of Escorts in Kl, not all areas are freaky or sexually adventurous as you’d all like to think. I mean sure, after logging thousands and thousands of hours of porn you’d think taking a shit while getting a blow job at the same time is normal. It’s not.

Anal Explosive Delights Volumes 1-36 feature paid porn actors. And they get paid well by the porn film industry to discharge excrements with smiles on their faces. I don’t care what others may say but nobody and I mean nobody enjoys getting shit on.

Outside of the porno film industry, in the privacy of a bedroom or a hotel room, there would be a lot of vomiting and teeth brushing. It’s not so far off to believe that Escorts in Kualalumpur will be extremely resistant to the idea of having two strange guys go at them at the same time. Sometimes money isn’t the factor. Well, it is and it isn’t.

What you’re about to read next is going to sound extremely absurd. But it happened and probably happens more than people like to admit. It’s so true it can’t be made up. The first time both idiots went looking for threesome prospects they ended empty-handed for a month. They just wanted to see if any of the hot girls would bite. 15k was the max they wanted to spend anyways so they just threw it out there to test the waters.

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After quite a lot of trial and error, they finally scored. What did they do this time differently?

They went for the low-hanging fruit. Rob and Roy made the mistake of shooting for the sky. They went to the hottest-looking girls they could find. Hot Call Girls in Kualalumpur can make money without experiencing double penetration.

Then, during a super wild night of tequila and whiskey, Roy got up against a regular Kuala Lumpur bar girl and asked if she’d like to have sex with him and his buddy Rob. He said he’d give her 15,000THB. She said yes.

Rob was wasted too and he jumped with joy when Roy said he found their first threesome participant. The three zipped to the hotel room and they couldn’t even remember taking a shower. Matter of fact, they couldn’t even remember who went in first. Or even if they had condoms!

And when Roy woke up with a splitting headache the first thing when his eye finally focused on was a dick next to his face. It was a brown-colored uncircumcised dick with short curly black pubes. Roy has never seen Rob’s dick at this point. But Rob is pasty white just like Roy. And Rob is red-headed.

Turns out there’s an extra dick at the party.