Kuala Lumpur is a big city with 5 red-light districts. Most first-timers to Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife areas think go bars are the only places where they can find sexy Escorts in Malaysia women to pick up and pay for sex. While go bars are prime areas to find Malaysia hookers, the real fact is that there are many types of working girls in Kuala Lumpur. Many Malaysian prostitutes work full time and part-time that you can pay to have sex with.

Without the need to step foot inside a go-go bar. And they are not just confined to the red-light districts we know about. Malaysian ladies working in the pay for play scene go wherever the money trail is. Which is central Kuala Lumpur. Where sex tourists around the world stay in the red-light districts. Close to the go bars of Kuala Lumpur in the Silom district, and Soy Cowboy with Nana Entertainment Plaza in the Kuala Lumpur district.

Street hookers are readily available between Kuala Lumpur Soy 4 right by Nana Entertainment Plaza and Asoka road by Soy Cowboy. Those are the primary areas for Malaysian freelancers working the streets. And it’s no coincidence that many foreign tourists walk on those same streets, staying at the hotels in those areas. Finding Escorts in Kualalumpur is easier today than it was back when I was first here.

This is why most sex tourists today have it so much easier in the red-light districts in Kuala Lumpur. There are places where guys can find full-service quickie sex for as little bare back blow job with cum in mouth. Most of the city’s red-light districts where men find sex are confined in certain parts of the city. All are connected via the BTS Sky Train and MRT subway systems. And Kuala Lumpur is a very tourist-friendly city with plenty of English signs clearly marking destinations.

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Technically Prostitution is Illegal in Malaysia land – But When You’re There You Can’t Really Tell

Though prostitution is not only confined to areas where foreigners mainly visit. It is a part of Malaysian culture and has been for the longest time. And technically the sale of sex is illegal. But because prostitution has been integrated into Malaysian society for so many years it is tolerated and even regulated.

I live just a little bit off from Kuala Lumpur where very few foreigners live. And there are certain spots where street prostitutes hang around. And their customers are mainly if not all local Malaysian men. You will not find Malaysian customers inside Kuala Lumpur’s go bars. But Malaysian men do visit soapy massage parlours that are found up and down Hay Kwang and on the outskirts of the city.

You can find many types of Escorts in Kl. The most obvious are bar girls working inside goes bars. Followed by freelancers (streetwalkers, hookers). And you can pretty much label any girl working inside an oily massage parlour that provides “testicles massage” and body to body in soapy massage parlours prostitutes too.