It is of course entirely possible that the vast majority of these deaths are indeed suicides. Kuala Lumpur is home to a lot of guys with nothing else going on in their lives than cheap drinks and paid sex. What do you do when your funds dry up, you are over 50, your bar-girl Escorts in Malaysia no longer want you.

All that awaits you is a return trip to your home country where you’ll face ridicule from all the ‘I told you so’ types as you settle into a life on welfare payments… sounds like a recipe for depression! With regards to romantic interests going sour, you can do a lot to protect yourself by avoiding bar-girls for anything serious and instead of finding a decent regular girl. For that, you’ll need to understand the local culture, so check out:

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Other than that there’s little I can do to keep you safe, so take good care of yourselves guys, and don’t ever join the Call Girls in Kl. If you want to date a sexy, younger Malaysian lady that you can put your trust in, don’t go looking for her at a bar. Malaysia bar girls can be lovely, but they’re not great at loyalty… online dating is much safer, so check:

Malaysia dating does not have to be this way; there are many successful stories of true love out there. The trick is to make sure that you go about things in the right way. There are no guarantees of course, but there are things you can do to minimize your chances of being taken in by a lying trickster who is out for all she can get!

I’ve stated previously that most of the working Escorts in Kualalumpur and similar places are not necessarily bad people with evil intentions; many of them do what they do out of necessity and have no malice at all in their actions. However, that won’t spare you one ounce of heartbreak when the reality of a sham marriage bites…

There are probably plenty of commentators who will jump at this opportunity to denounce all Malaysian women as walking ‘black widow type ladies, but that is just plain nonsense. Don’t allow your opinions to be swayed by the examples you read about in mainstream newspapers, after all, they can hardly report on the successful happy marriages can they – they aren’t newsworthy!

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